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How To Apologize and Get Dissenters To Crow Happily

It's been a bit since posting here. A lot has been going on. Unfortunately, a huge portion of what has been going on (online, anyways) relates to my last post regarding privilege.

One good thing I keep reminding myself of is that all this in-fighting with atheists and skeptics is pretty much an online phenomenon. If one were to stand outside ones local grocery store and poll 500 or so people on whether or not they knew who PZ Myers, Ophelia Benson, or Rebecca Watson were, you'd get a huge portion of blank stares. So, that's something to keep in mind and take to heart.



Got privilege?

Privilege. In as far as social justice is concerned, it means advantage. The basic premise is that, based on gender, nationality, and a myriad of other possible classifications, one group of people have advantages over other groups of people.


The "Shut Up and Listen" Line

There's a phrase that is coming up time and again within the online skeptic/atheist/feminist community - "Shut up and listen".

When a member of a marginalized group tells a member of a privileged group that their efforts, no matter how well-meaning, are wrong, there is one reasonable response: Shut up and listen. You might learn something. - PZ Myers



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